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Limited Spots Available. To Register Call 248-601-6699


It is time to begin planning for the 2020-21 hockey season.

Our mission in all programs at the Suburban Ice - Rochester is to ensure that every player is playing at the proper competitive level so that he/she can truly enjoy playing the game, while developing age-appropriate skills and knowledge of the sport.  With this in mind we have designed an 8 and under program that incorporates age and skill progression in a competitive and challenging environment under the direction of trained professional Suburban Staff.  Please review the different levels below and feel free to contact us with questions.

Players and coaches are required to insure with USA Hockey prior to participating in on-ice activities.  USA Hockey registrations MUST be completed online at  The cost is $52 per player or coach and paid online with a credit card.  In an effort to keep your registration documents organized, we ask that you register and turn this form in with your registration packet.  By providing your confirmation page sooner rather than later, all documents can be organized and the last minute scramble when forms are missing can be avoided.


 ♦ Age & Skill Progression  
 Competitive & Challenging Environment   
♦ Under the direction of Professional Suburban Staff

September through March - 24 Weeks!
(no skates during the holidays)


  • Recommended as a first step for beginning hockey players who completed a Learn to Skate class and have a solid base of fundamental skating skills.
  • One 1-hour skate each week.  

LEVEL 2 MINI MITES (Ages 5 - 8): 

  • Program serves as an introduction to "team" play with practice sessions and small-ice games. 
  • We strongly believe that keeping the players active and moving on the ice, having fun, and building confidence is essential.  
  • Games will be cross-ice which are played width-wise in the end zones of the rink.  
  • Two 1-hour skates each week. Enhances the fundamental skill development of each player.

LEVEL 3 MITE LEAGUE (Players born in 2012 & 2013):  

  • Teams will be selected by Suburban Staff with the assistance of volunteer coaches
  • Advanced players will play against other Advanced players and same for Intermediate players  
  • Game Day Format: half-ice (red line to goal line) using the board dividers, 4 v 4 using two - 22 minute periods, small nets and goaltenders, referees and scorekeepers  
  • 2-3 one hour skates each week.   

8 & Under Program 2020-21 Pricing & Payment Schedule

Division Registration Fee PMT #1 - Due 9/16 PMT #2 - Due 10/16 PMT #3 - Due 11/16 PMT #4 - Due 12/16 Total Cost
Mighty Mite $135 $100 $100 $100 $435
Mini Mite $135 $181.25 $181.25 $181.25 $181.25 $860
Mite $135 $243.75 $243.75 $243.75 $243.75 $1,110

Payment Options: Credit Card or with Check (ACH)

  1. To pay with ACH, you will need your bank account & routing number
  2. Login to MaxGalaxy and click on My Account
  3. Click on Payment Accounts
  4. Click Add New
  5. From the Type dropdown, select Checking or Savings
  6. Enter Account Holder Information
  7. Click Save

*If you’d prefer to pay with Credit Card, proceed to checkout after you’ve added the registration to your cart.